🐟🐟 Anda suka ‘fresh’ salmon? Selalu pergi kedai kedai sushi sebab nak makan sashimi dan sushi? 

Sekarang tak payah pergi kedai sushi dah, kami akan deliver fresh salmon terus ke rumah! Fresh sangat, salmon ni datang dari Norway dan tak pernah dibekukan 🐟🐟 🍣🍣 Jom order di jomsalmon.com sebelum Rabu 19 Mei (9pm) dan kami …
Can you believe it that this plate of lamb shank with mashed potatoes was ready in an hour, inclusive of 15 minutes active time? From prepping to cleaning, all done in under an hour! I was looking for a pressure cooker recipe for our JomSalmon’s lamb shank and I found this recipe, which used Gordon …
JomSalmon was featured on Buletin Utama’s TM Capsule segment! We were on TV on 3rd December 2020 under TM’s Digital Malaysia campaign. If you haven’t seen them, the segments are all about how fellow Malaysians use the Internet connectivities in positive ways to make our lives better. Examples include the inspiring Veveonah’s laborious effort to …
Pressure cooking dhal was as simple as 1-2-3. We didn’t have to soak the dhal beans and it was a quick 20-minutes recipe!
We ventured into cooking a 5kg (group buy) beef brisket chunked into 500g portions using this recipe https://natashaskitchen.com/slow-cooker-beef-brisket-recipe/ and it was wonderful Order your beef brisket by sending an email to zaini@jomsalmon.com

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